GenuineMarine 12V 10A Elliptical LED RV Waterproof Warm Yellow Light Porch Public Lamp Headlight. Alternate Lighting for RVs,Trailers and Campers


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Product Name: Waterproof Door Front Light

Product material: environmentally friendly flame-retardant plastic material

Product rating: 12V DC/10A

Product light: 10W 12V G4 halogen lamp

Product size: 125 (length) * 80 (width)

*55 (high)

 Waterproof Door Front Light Advantage:

 The whole is made of environmentally friendly plastic material, which is safe and non-flammable. Transparent acrylic lampshade, good lighting effect.

 Oval sleek design, clear, concise and generous lines, supporting temperament.

 The product is CE certified, safe to use.

The red wire is the positive pole and the blue wire is the negative pole

Installation Notes

There are mounting holes on both sides, and mounting screws are provided, so no additional purchase is required.

When installing, open the cover along the edge of the product and mark the installation holes on both sides for easy installation

Install the screws after connecting the wires, and finally cover the upper cover.


Suitable for yachts, boats, RVs, etc.

Please Know: Check out the dimension image and make sure it fits your application. Thank you!

We provide warranty, the warranty period is 1 year!!


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