THALASSA 6 Gang Blue LED Rocker Switch Panel 12V Waterproof with 3.1A Dual USB Slot Socket for Car Rv Vehicles Truck


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Product name: Waterproof 6-Digit Switch Panel

Product material: Aluminum alloy panel, Flame-retardant ABS plastic

Product size: 183*120mm

Product color: Black

Circuit protection: Circuit breaker

Working voltage: 0-30V

Installation method: Horizontal installation

Hole size: length 156mm high 88mm

12V DC socket

Hole diameter: 28mm

Working voltage: DC12V

Product material: environmentally friendly flame retardant inner core

Material: pure copper

Output power: 12V/20A

PS: Do not plug in cigarette lighter plugs

Dual USB socket

Hole diameter: 28mm

Working voltage: DC12V

Display mode: LED

Blue light output voltage: 5V

Output current: 3.1A (1+2.1A)


Hole diameter: 28mm

Working voltage: DC12V

Product material: digital tube

Display range: 6-30V

Waterproof Six-position switch panel Advantages:

✔ Aluminum alloy panel, flame-retardant ABS plastic cover is durable and safe

✔ Circuit breaker/fuse configuration to prevent the device from turning on/off, and the instantaneous current is too large to cause damage to the device

✔ lP66 waterproof level, using high-quality waterproof plastic material to ensure the normal operation of the instrument

Suitable for Anywhere, RV, yacht, Boat and truck, etc.

Charge mobile phones, game consoles, iPads, etc. at any time.

Please Know: Check out the dimension image and make sure it fits your application. Thank you!

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