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Genuine Marine 8 Position ST Fuse Block Bolt Terminal ATC/ATO/ATS Waterproof

Genuine Marine 8 Position ST Fuse Block Bolt Terminal ATC/ATO/ATS Waterproof

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Product Name: 8-Way Blade Fuse Box Standard Circuit Fuse Holder Box

Accepting Fuse: Standard Blade Fuse (ATO / ATC / ATS)

Dimension: 85*85*35mm(3.35*3.35*1.38 inches)

Connection Port: Spiral

Capacity: 100A

Maximum Per Current: 30A

Volt Rating: 32V DC

Number Of Fuse / Circuits Slots: 8

Colour: Black

Weight: 0.13KG

▲ Why is the fuse blown? 

1. Overload. The electrical load is too large, causing an overload and causing the fuse to blow.

2. Poor contact. When the fuse is installed or replaced, the fuse and the plug screw are in poor contact, causing the ignition to heat up, so that the screws that fix the fuse on the porcelain plug and the knives are oxidized and burned. 

3. Short circuit. If the fuse is replaced, the switch will "trip" and a short circuit may occur. The first is a short circuit. Secondly, the load is short-circuited.


Input Terminal Rating: M5 Threaded Studs(100A 32V DC Max)

Input Wire Size: #4-6 AWG

Output Terminal Rating: 30A Max Per Circuit

Output Wire Size: #12-16 AWG

Red LED indicates when fuse is broken.


Housing Base: Polybutylene Terephthalate(PBT)

Cap: Polycarbonate(PC)

Terminal: Nickel Plated Copper

Screw: Stainless Steel

Label: Polypropylene(PP) x 40


1 * 8-Way Fuse Box 

3 * 5A Standard Fuse Blade

3 * 7.5A Standard Fuse Blade

3 * 10A Standard Fuse Blade

3 * 15A Standard Fuse Blade

4 * 20A Standard Fuse Blade

2 * Sticker Label 

4 * Screw

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