THALASSA 10-33V Arc-shaped Ceiling Lamp 3W Ceiling Lamp 3 inch without Switch Sky LED Ceiling Lamp Car and Boat Accessories Special Frosted Cover


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Product Name: Arc-shaped Ceiling Lamp

Product Model: L0056-3

Light Color: Warm white

Product Thickness: 18mm

Product Size:3 inches(80mm)

Product Material: Plastic

Product Voltage: 10-33V


What are the advantages of our Button LED Ceiling Light

✔ 60 radians angle design

✔ Ultra-thin arc with 18mm thickness 

✔ Positive and negative chrome-plated wires

✔ Warm white light, soft and not dazzling


Suitable for Anywhere, RV, yacht room, living room, decorative cabinet, etc.

Please Know: Check out the dimension image and make sure it fits your application. Thank you! 

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