GenuineMarine S5 Oil Water Level Sensor Detection Switch 316 Stainless Steel Probe Detect Controller for RVs Yacht Car Van


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Store reminder:

The sensor specifications have U.S. and European regulations

This product adopts the principle of magnetic field to control the contact of the dry reed switch, which has the characteristics of long life and anti-seismic and explosion-proof

Product name: oil tank detection rod (European standard)

Rod length: 150~2300mm optional

Installation method: BSP1 1/4" thread

Installation body material: stainless steel 316

Protection level: IP67

Installation rubber ring: 38x26mm 43x3.5mm

Rated power: 125mW;

Alarm switch rated current: 500mA;

Wire: PVC material (PA filter tube sheath can be used);

Connector 0~19oo~240~3322~

Output signal: 0~190Q, 240~33Q, or customized according to customer requirements;

It can provide 0~20mA, 4~20mA current signal or 0.5~4.5VDC, 0-5VDC voltage output signal;

Signal spacing: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 21mm;

Working temperature: -40 degrees to +85 degrees

Working voltage: 12V/24V universal


Oil Tank Detection Advantage:

✔ The thin design brings a broader visual effect to the space. The appearance of modern minimalist design and the smooth arc

✔Fine craftsmanship of environmentally friendly materials

✔High brightness, stable performance, remote control can be used to adjust the brightness of the light


Suitable for yachts, boats, RVs, etc.

Please Know: Check out the dimension image and make sure it fits your application. Thank you!

 We provide warranty, the warranty period is 1 year!!

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