GenuineMarine-THALASSA Power Boat Hook Host Emergency Flameout Safety Key Switch, Outboard Engine Flameout Switch-4 Switch Keys + 1 Whistle + 1 Floating Watch


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Product Name: The Flameout Switch Of the Supporting Boat Host (four-piece set)

Product Model: FD1501 

Product Accessories: Four main engine flameout switches, one whistle, one floater strap 

Product Material: Soft TPU

What are the advantages of our The flameout switch of the supporting boat host

✔ Hangable motorboat key with buoyancy wristband and whistle

✔ Quick turn off key switch

✔ There is a white rope inside the red rope to increase the safety of the rope 

✔ The buoyancy wristband prevents the key from falling into the water and sinking and losing 

✔ Whistle is used for emergency rescue


Please Know: Suitable for Motorboat. Thank you

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