GenuineMarine-THALASSA Smoke Alarm Household Fire Special Kitchen Fire 3c Certification Wireless Smart Stand-Alone Smoke Detector


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Product Name:

Photoelectric smoke fire detection alarm

Product Material:

 High-performance MCU processor chip

Rated voltage:

DC3V 2 1.5V AA batteries

Alarm current:


Relative humidity:

95%RH (40°C±2°C)

Output form:

sound and light alarm

Executive standard:


Product size:


Quiescent current:


Sound pressure level:


Working temperature:


Battery life:

1 year

Photoelectric smoke fire detection alarm Advantages:

 ✔ High-performance MCU processor chip, MCU efficiently processes sensor feedback information, and immediately enters an alarm state when it reaches a certain concentration

✔ 3C certification, 3 seconds speed alarm, LED light flashing, 85 decibel tweeter

✔ Sensitive 360°, anti-insect mesh detection window design to prevent small organisms from interfering with the alarm work

✔ Large front convex window for smoke intake, high sensitivity, energy saving and low power consumption

Installation environment:

For general places, the protection area of the alarm is 60m2 when the space height is below 6m, and the alarm should be installed on the ceiling. The specific parameters should be subject to "Automatic Fire Alarm System" (GB50116).

Installation method:

  1. Drill two holes in the ceiling 50mm~67mm apart, and fix the base of the alarm with expansion plugs and self-tapping screws
  2. Remove the base, install the two AA batteries in the direction of the battery buckle, press the battery tightly, and then put the battery into the battery compartment at the bottom of the alarm.

Note: If the direction of the battery is reversed, the alarm will not work and may damage the alarm.

  1. Press and hold the self-check button, the indicator light of the alarm will be on and the alarm will sound, indicating that the alarm is working normally. If it is not normal, check whether the battery is installed or the voltage is too low (less than 2.3V).

After the alarm is tested, insert the alarm into the base according to the installation mark of the base, turn the alarm clockwise on top, and fasten it in place.

Suitable for Anywhere, RV, yacht room, living room and truck, etc.

Please Know: Check out the dimension image and make sure it fits your application. Thank you!

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