GenuineMarine Stainless Steel Hole Cover Plate for Small Base LED Reading Lamps Installation


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Material: Stainless steel

Color: Polished surface

Length: 3.54” ( 9 cm )

Plate mount screw hole distance: 2.68" (6.8 cm)

Lamp mount screw hole distance: 1.38" (3.5 cm)

3 Step Quick Installation:

1. Mount cover plate over the hole. Mount plate has pre-drilled screw holes, just screw to attach it. ( Notes: Plate Mount Screw Holes DIA 2.68”(6.8cm), Lamp Mount Screw Holes DIA 1.38”(3.5cm) ).

2. Attached the lamp A ring bracket to cover plate, the bracket screw hole was already pre-drilled on the cover plate.

3. Connect lamp to power firstly, then fasten the lamp onto cover plate by screwing the lamp base side hex screw.


1. This cover plate support plate mount screw holes DIA 2.68”, make sure the existing hole DIA or (new drilled hole ) smaller than 2.68”.

2. If the electrical access hole (or drilled hole) smaller than 1.2", no need cover plate, directly install LED lamp over it. The lamp base itself could cover DIA 1.2" hole.

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