GenuineMarine-THALASSA 12V/24VDC RV Pedal Lift Single Switch Control Switch General Environmental Protection Flame Retardant Durable RV Modification Accessories


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Product name: RV pedal lift Single Control Switch

Product material: thermoplastic

Product voltage: 12V/24 universal

Product specifications: NO-OFF-ON red double light switch curved laser engraved lid

Waterproof rating: IP68


RV pedal lift Single Control Switch Advantages:

✔Personalized modification switch with laser engraving pattern, suitable for modification and control of in-car equipment

✔ Precision design and fine forging

High-temperature flame-retardant PC anti-aging and cracking, durable, strong and safe to use

✔Good electrical conductivity

The copper parts are protected by nickel plating, which has good conductivity and does not rust

✔ Environmentally friendly flame retardant material, safe and secure


Application: Yacht, RVS, Caravan, etc.


Please Know: Check out the dimension image and make sure it fits your application. Thank you!

 We solemnly promise that the product can be guaranteed for 1 year!!

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